January 1st, 2020


Ultimate Recs

So, I was thinking. Everybody has that one fic that hits them right between the eyes, right? Or maybe they have one per fandom, or whatever. But it's that one piece that leaves you breathless with how absolutely amazing it is, and ensures that whenever you think of that fandom, that fic pops up. I was reading daybreak777 's recs, and one of her lists is that of the best fic of 2009 -- the stuff that blew her mind, made her laugh or cry and so on; and I got to thinking about the fic that's done that for me throughout all my years of reading it, so I thought I'd make a note. Be warned; this will probably be updated semi-regularly as I think of more to add.

For my many many other recs, check out my delicious -- it's all categorised by fandom, genre, pairing, status, word count author and so on.

1) For American Idol 8, it absolutely has got to be Future Legend by winterlive , a truly amazing post-apocalyptic piece from Kris' POV.

And (this is) not a statement by seperis , the first on this list of her utterly beautiful pieces of art, wherein she charts Adam and Kris' wonderfully changing relationship a few years post-Idol. What I love about it more than anything (aside from her truly amazing writing style, and way of capturing the reader's attention absolutely -- she's one of those authors whose books/stories you can never put down), is that almost all interaction takes place primarily between Kris and Adam, from Adam's POV, and every single moment is just perfect. I really can't describe it more than that. The banter, their comfort with one another, emotionally and physically, just... everything. Read. It.

2) For Battlestar Galactica, Twelve by rheanna27 , an extremely well-written piece where one of the key characters is in fact a Cylon --
I'm pretty sure this was written before any revelations about there being a Final Five.

3) For Chronicles of Narnia, all stories written by elecktrum, particularly Black Dwarfs, Blue River, Thole, And So the End Begins, They Also Serve and Into the West. i love each story for the author's portrayal of the brothers' relationship.

Also, everything written by Sentimental Star, in particular Keeping the Faith, Nighttime Demons, Those Who Speak and Fever. Again, I enjoy these stories because of the brothers' relationship.

4) For crossovers -- Doctor Who/Merlin, Endless Midnights by kagedtiger , a beautifully poignant little reincarnation fic.

Dresden Files/Merlin, The Once And Future Pain In My Ass by ras_elased , wherein Harry gets an unexpected visitor.

HP/LOTR, Little Harry and the Mirkwood Adventure by Azraeos. Very very cute!

HP/LOTR, The Black Wizard by Azraeos. I love how well this author characterises Harry.

Merlin/Torchwood, Once and Future by 10leaguesbeyond , a story spanning 5000 years, with five meetings between Jack Harkness and Merlin.

SGA/SPN, And All the World Beneath by seperis , truly, amazingly moving and beautiful.

5) For Harry Potter, Black Truth by InferiorBeing, a magical-creature's-mate fic that is very well and emotively written. I found the whole piece realistic and moving.

Faith by Dragongirl16. This piece is truly amazing -- the depth of Harry's commitment and the descriptions of his developing abilities and relationships were truly beautiful.

Judicamentum by excentrykemuse. I loved the emotion in this story -- in fact, everything this author has written is worth looking at. S/he writes almost every slash Harry Potter pairing under the sun, and is capable of creating extremely poignant stories.

The Smallest Stars by lostgirl. It's been a while since I've read this one, but I still remember that it made me cry. Extremely poignant. Unfortunately it no longers appears to be on FF.Net, and i have no idea where to find it... *pout*

Absolutely everything written by Lomonaaeren. Trust me.

Lightning on the Wave's beautiful, intense revamping of the whole series. Be prepared for a long read -- the shortest book is 79,220 words and the longest 770,717.

6) For Merlin (BBC), Crown of the Summer Court by astolat , a great great Merlin coming-of-age story. Brilliant!

Job Orientation by seperis , a cute post-Uther fic wherein Merlin is seriously questioning his place in Arthur's life and Arthur is exceedingly frustrated.

Tintagel by seperis . An absolutely beautful take on what happened before Arthur was born, though, by it's very nature, it has a great deal of the boys.

And, The Second Time Around by eosrose , a so far incomplete sort-of reincarnation fic -- in that Merlin is killed too early and thus reincarnated at the beginning of Arthur's reign.

While His Name is Still Spoken by mariana_oconnor , a beautiful reincarnation, and yet not, fic.

7) For Star Trek 2009/Reboot, a bonding/connection Kirk/Spock fic, How High the Moon by kyliselle .

Make Myself Believe by katydidmischief , a sad mpreg fic with a great deal of angst.

Only Good For Legends by leupagus . This is, at the moment, incomplete, but it's absolutely worth reading right now -- it's Kirk/Spock, and AU where Sarek died when Spock was young and, as a result, he and Amanda have lived on Earth for most of his life, and Spock is a detective! It's brilliant, and thought-provoking, and amazingly written.

The beautiful So Wise We Grow by captanddeastar , where Spock inherits a fully Vulcan child from T'Pring and he and Jim raise him together.

Starstruck and Collision by xiaou_xijiang , a great set of de-aging fics. The connection between Kirk and Spock here is just brilliant!

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes A While) by seperis , an absolutely brilliant and unique take on a Pon Farr fic.

8) So, for Stargate Atlantis, it has to be The Body Holographic by Leah and Springwoof. It's a McShep piece, and is so perfect and beautiful that I really can't describe it -- you have to go read it.

Calling Down the Lightning by dreamwaffles , an AU magical fic. I can't, unfortunately, give you the link, as the big bang website is down at the moment.

And The Sweep of Easy Wind by blackchaps , a beautifully written slavery AU. Same applies as the story above concerning the link.

And everything written by lavvyan , particularly Two Years After Tomorrow, Dearest, Precious, Ishmael, High-Water, Same Old Dance, Incorporating A Few Slight Adjustments, But Never the Nights and An SGA Fairy-Tale.

9) For Supernatural, for some reason this little piece, I Can't Trace Time by gilascave , just touched me very deeply. I felt the author captured the personalities of all three Winchester brothers perfectly, and it broke my heart.

Suite Verse by leonidaslion , of course; it's so horrifyingly wonderful. I don't know about anyone else, but I find myself torn the entire time between wishing Dean would just give in and hoping he'll be rescued, especially with the events of the latest installment.

Another of leonidaslion 's stories, The Fetters of Fenrir, a kind of animal spirit fic involving a deep connection between Sam and Dean. It's beautifully written, as per usual with this author, and extremely moving.

10) For Supernatural RPS, it has to be The Doors of Time by felisblanco , which is so amazing and beautiful that I'm pretty sure I cried at some point.

Two-Spirits by slashboyz , a historical AU based during the time the US is known as the New World -- Jensen and Jared are, for lack of a better word, adopted by a Native American tribe. Very very good.

And Veterans of the Psychic Wars by kalireynn and kellwyntar , an AU set in post-apocalyse, alien-invaded Earth.

11) For Transformers, Aporia by Lnzy1, a future fic on a newly-restored Cybertron.

And Thief by Deirdre, an extremely sad little piece.

Right, so that's it.... I'm tired now. Bed!