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Busy busy busy!

Wow, has it been a busy Christmas holiday... Not only have I been working, but also studying, shopping for Christmas presents, going to Christmas parties, having lots of guests over... Surely Christmas is not supposed to be such hard work? Oh, who am I kidding! I know full well that Christmas is, and always has been, bloody hard work!

So I've recently discovered Glee -- the show doesn't actually start for about a week, but I've seen the adverts, so I've done my research, and jerakeen has recommended at least one Glee fic in the recent past, so I'm already stuck in with the fic, I just have to watch the show.

Also, right now I'm watching my new copy of Wall-E... god, I love this film!

And who else has seen Avatar? Who else absolutely loved it? I thought it was out of this world! I've already seen it twice and definitely plan to see it again!

God, I'm tired.....
Tags: avatar, christmas, glee, wall-e

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