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Torchwood: Children of Earth

God, where do I start?

I mean. I just. I don't. I swear, I have panda eyes right now cause my mascara is just everywhere! I liked it, and I hated it -- God, I loved everybody's performances, I loved Bridget Spears, I loved Lois Abeeba, I loved Rhys, I even loved Gwen.

Just, Ianto. And, and Steven. And poor poor Jack. I don't blame him for running away. And I'm absolutely hating whoever wrote this bloody miniseries right now, because it was bad enough when Owen and Tosh died. How obvious is it that British writers are not fond of happy endings? And how much more punishment is Jack supposed to take in his entire life?

So, he lost his little brother when he was a child in a war. Then, whilst he was a time agent, his memories were erased. So, he was an unscrupulous con artist until he met the Doctor (version 9). Then he was killed by Daleks, and brought back to life permanently by Rose, brought back wrong, and subsequently abandoned by the dying Doctor. He spent a while (read: decades) on Earth waiting for the Doctor, being killed and controlled by Torchwood. He lost friends, he lost lovers, he lost children. During the first season, he made some decsions his team didn't like. He was killed, a lot, by a demon at the end. But he found Ianto. Then he lost Owen and Tosh at the end of the second, but not before he was buried alive for 100 years by his returning brother who hated him for losing him.

Finally, this miniseries: he was blown up by a bomb, buried alive in concrete, lost Ianto, had to kill his own bloody grandson in order to save millions of lives...

Seriously, some writers out there seriously hate this poor character. And I hate them back. I really did think that they wouldn't leave Ianto dead like that. Not after Tosh and Owen. But they did. They did. They killed him. They physically and emotionally tortured Jack to the point where he couldn't see any other option but running away. I mean, my God, they couldn't have found a more decisive way to end the show.

Tags: gwen cooper, ianto jones, jack harkness, owen harper, rant, torchwood, toshiko sato

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